Photo of artist Jono Boye


I am interested in pop-culture; its meanings, significance and fleeting nature. I take found images, memorabilia, slogans, song lyrics and other recently discarded ephemera; appropriating and re-positioning them in playful and irreverent ways.

I am fascinated with the results, with how simply repositioning an element from our collective past can change it, so it is no longer just what we had thought, but now poses new questions and hints at deeper meanings.

In a recent series of collages, celebrity portraits and film stills are teasingly undermined and rendered almost abstract, resulting in provoking images that are compellingly enigmatic and hint that there is much more to the original photos than we first thought.

Irish, born 1971, living and working in Athens.



All enquiries for original work, editions or commissions should be made through
Anna Smithson – Smithson Gallery



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